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Who We Are & What We Do

Mialei Iske is an experienced professional with experience with training novices to become experts and thrive as a team with little direction.

Today, Mialei leads a group coaching program where leaders discover her proven methods.  Each leader implements a training program for his own team.

In her Corporate career, she accepted challenges where new workflows demanded innovation and cooperation from every team member.

Following her high-tech experience in large organizations, Mialei experienced many roles in small companies where individuals were critical to daily success.  Those who applied their skills to every situation were invaluable.

Most recently, she accepted the ultimate challenge when asked to create training in an area she knew nothing about.  Embracing the power of AI, she was able to write valuable training materials for new and experienced team members.

Her resourcefulness is noticed by clients who have been discouraged by the status quo until Mialei comes alongside with innovative ideas and encouragement for the road ahead.

Our Beliefs Determine the Altitude of Our Success

What Mialei Brings to Her Clients

After 14 intense years in high-tech companies, Mialei explored the support operations of:

  • Large ministries
  • Start-Up Companies
  • Non-Profit Entities

Each one had unique methods of serving customer needs, but few believed that training is an investment.

People are the essence of American business and not just a resource to exploit.

Through a series of exercises, clients discover the profile of the current team and the needs to fill in the future team.

As a leader, your initial efforts will pay enormous dividends as the team embraces your vision of a new future.

Instead of reacting to questions, your daily training session will guide the team to handle the daily operation while you become the leader your team deserves.

Imagine having the freedom to participate in your personal life while the team handles the business routine and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Benefits of Group Coaching for Leaders?

Every leader needs the opportunity to listen to great ideas and offer insights in a safe environment. 

Virtual group coaching sessions are convenient and accessible from anywhere.

Content in the sessions is focused on the leaders who take the time to attend and participate.

Why Can't I Just Send My Team to Training Classes?

Just like universities and trade schools, most professional training classes are designed to meet the needs of many different people in various roles. Few attendees will have the maturity to bring back that information and apply the knowledge to your business.

Applied knowledge is specific to your business where the skills that team members possess are useful in the assigned duties of each individual team member. Once each person knows how you want tasks completed, the resulting synergy saves you money and adds time to your workday.

What Does Leverage Have to Do With Business Efficiency?

As you set priorities for the work week, your team will spend time on what matters most.  Completion of the right tasks will prevent issues that require attention.  Each team member will discover the steps to follow to serve your customers and keep them coming back.

How Can We Find Time to Add Daily Training to Our Busy Schedule?

Training sessions are brief and focused on the questions asked by team members in the previous week. Leaders soon discover the amount of time already spent on answering the same questions over and over again.

Instead of requiring more time, the daily training session becomes the avenue to communicate with every person on the team. Before long, the team will suggest important training subjects, and then, the team will begin to conduct the training while the leader is busy elsewhere.

As a Leader, Am I the Best Person to Train My Team?

Initial training sessions held by you, the leader, will reveal to your team what matters most to you in the handling of your customers and the daily routine.

As subjects become more specialized, you will enlist the experts in each area to create and record training that can be used for every new team member. The importance of capturing every training session cannot be overstated.

What Training Subjects Should the Training Cover?

Even the most basic subjects can make a significant difference for your customers. Consider the businesses that have a standard way of responding to customers:

—   Answering a phone call
—   Saying “Thank you!”
—   Greeting a customer who walks in
—   Handling a customer request for help

These might sound very basic until you discover that your customers are not being thanked for their valuable business.

Trained teams are the key to retaining your valuable customers who will become your primary source of referrals.

How Do I Know If My Training Efforts Help My Team?

Team members will be focused on the work and spend less time asking questions. Leaders have noticed a significant reduction in casual conversation once everyone understands what is expected and how to complete the work.

Silence is a primary indication that every team member is engaged in the productive tasks that handle customer requests.

Top-Performing Teams are trained to handle the daily routine without asking for permission to solve problems.  


Is it time to embrace the change and watch your team soar to new heights?

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